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Reliable Shredding Containers

Shredding containers are indispensable for maintaining a regular shredding service in any business. These robust containers ensure the safe storage of your documents between shredding sessions, removing the need to shred daily. Our shredding containers align with all industry regulations, including HIPAA and FACTA, guaranteeing your data’s privacy and security.

Choosing the right shredding container can simplify your document collection and safeguarding procedures. Our team provides a range of shredding containers designed to accommodate your workspace and shredding requirements.

Factors to consider when selecting the right shredding containers include:

  • The quantity of paperwork you generate
  • The frequency of shredding services
  • The number of containers your workspace can accommodate
  • The placement of the bins in your workspace

Categories of Reliable Shredding Containers

Our range of shredding containers falls into three primary categories:

  1. Personal Document Containers (compact bins for individual use)
  2. Executive Console Shredding Containers (including the standard and compact models)
  3. Defender Shredding Containers (65 Gallon and 95 Gallon models)

Personal Document Containers

Ideal for lower-volume environments, these shredding containers meet your needs if your office shreds a few sheets or pounds of paper per week.

Designed for discretion and convenience, these compact bins can neatly fit under an employee’s desk or be placed on a shared counter, providing easy access for all.

Personal Document Container Dimensions: 17.5″ X 13.5″ X 12″

Executive Console Shredding Containers

Our Executive Console Shredding Containers are standalone units that cater to an average office’s shredding demands. These consoles come in two sizes: standard and compact.

Executive Console Shred Container Dimensions: 36″ X 21″ X 16″
Compact Executive Console Dimensions: 24″ X 21″ X 16″

Defender Shredding Containers

The Defender Shredding Containers are designed to securely and efficiently store high volumes of documents for shredding. These containers are perfect for larger offices or businesses with substantial paperwork.

Defender 65 Gallon Shred Container Dimensions: 43″ X 24.5″ X 27.5″
Defender 95 Gallon Shred Container Dimensions: 47″ X 25″ X 34″

All our shredding containers are designed to meet the highest standards of data security across industries. We offer different sized containers, allowing you to customize your shredding service to your needs.

When you sign up for our regular shredding services, we will provide you with the appropriate shredding containers. However, you can also purchase your own from third-party vendors beforehand. Please note that you may need to rent or buy reusable nylon bags that fit inside your shred console.

Looking for a Secure Solution for Your Confidential Documents?

Our local shredding company offers a comprehensive range of document shredding services. Whether you’re seeking offsite shredding, onsite shredding, or a regular shredding schedule, we can connect you with a secure, reliable shredding solution in your vicinity.

For more information, contact us at (insert your contact number here), or fill out our online form to receive free quotes for shredding services in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I shred?

We highly recommend that you should never discard bank statements, tax records, medical bills, hard drive, e-waste and other confidential documents in a dumpster, curbside trash can, or recycling bin increases your exposure to identity theft. Any unwanted document containing personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI) should be destroyed.  It’s important to use a professional shredding company who can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your legal protection.

Is it expensive to outsource my paper shredding services?

If you have very little confidential documents to shred, it probably makes sense to do it yourself.  But if you have more than 10 or so pounds of paper,  it makes sense to outsource your paper shredding. Considering the costs of buying and maintaining office paper shredders, the added kilowatts per hour they consume, and the time you spend shredding, in-house document destruction is expensive. An outsourced shredding solution with a trusted document destruction  helps you save money and time.

You can have your paper files shredded at places like UPS or FedEx. it costs $1 per pound or more.  Your files will be stored and shredded once per week at most.  Records Reduction, a Charlotte, NC certified small shredding service, will charge 15 – 30 cent per pound based on volume.  Plus, we offer great service!

What are the standards for paper shredding services?

The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) is an international trade organization that enforces the highest standard of ethics for shredding and destruction companies. Make sure your vendor is a NAID member.  As a NAID member, we commit to personnel screening practices, equipment and facility safety, and liability insurance.

Partnering with a document destruction provider who is a NAID Member in good standing ensures your information is securely and recycled.

How do I create a company-wide document destruction policy?

Seek the help of a shredding services company to evaluate your shredding needs. A trusted company can offer document retention and final disposition guidance and help your company carry out best practices for shredding and recycling  your confidential records, including your paper, hard drives and e-waste. After assessing your individual document destruction needs, we can set a customized document destruction schedule for your greater Charlotte, NC area organization.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

State and federal information privacy laws and industry compliance standards require businesses to document their information disposal policies. A Certificate of Destruction is a document issued by your document destruction service provider after they shred your paper records. It includes the date, location and summary of materials collected and destroyed for documented proof of your organization’s compliance.

If you have questions regarding paper shredding that we have not answered here, please contact us at 704-724-3313 to discuss your shredding needs. 

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