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Residential Shredding Service

Identity theft is an ever-growing crime that can be difficult to recover from; sadly, cases continue to take place, and individuals victimized as a result.

Using our residential shredding service will ensure you are doing everything to keep your personal documents secure and is the best decision you can make in remaining protected. In fact, it is more important today than ever before to be proactive with your security efforts.

Isn’t the Recycling Bin a Good Option?

Recycling bins, while great for the right materials, aren’t effective for the disposal of sensitive documents, simply since they are left in open eyesight. If a document is exposed to the wrong individual and stolen, you could be susceptible to information theft down the road all due to a careless toss of a document. Don’t let this happen to you; always disposed of sensitive files in a locked and covered bin that eliminates access.

Remember that even a pay-stub or credit card statement providing financial details can be enough to provide a criminal with enough ammunition to carry out their crime. All that is required is a tidbit of data to build their conniving plan. Refrain from putting yourself in this position when there is an easy way to avoid it in the first place. At the end of the day, you should be securely shredding anything that’s considered confidential in nature. You will be glad you did!

Shredding will Protect You from Identity Theft

While high volumes of private information are typically found in workplaces, residents collect, and store more than they think when it comes to personal documents! Information theft is a harsh reality, that often targets individuals over the holiday season and of course throughout tax season as well. With that said, your identity could be compromised at any time and often without any warning signs, so focus on preventative measures always and you should be well protected. What’s the best solution to prevent and combat identity theft as a resident?

For your security and peace of mind, we highly suggest outsourcing your document shredding needs to a professional company who will look after the safe disposal of your information. This is the smartest decision you can make in stopping the risks of information theft; protect your privacy and clean out unnecessary clutter from your home at the same time. This is truly a practical option at an affordable price! Ditch the office shredder as these little machines break down and leave your documents in strips which can easily be put back together by an individual who is determined to do so.

Residential Document Shredding is Easy and Convenient

As time passes, personal and business documents accumulate quickly at home. When you fail to get rid of these properly, they can quickly become a security threat. Residential shredding services provided by a qualified shredding company, offer the perfect means to safely dispose of old documents. Bank statements, old rental agreements, receipts, and even junk mail all need to be shred to keep confidential information safe and protected from getting into the wrong hands.

Residential Shredding Service

If you have an upcoming move or looking to do a large clean-out of your home, using a shredding service that comes directly to your location to shred documents, is a perfect and fast way to get rid of old files safely. Make room for the documents and personal belongings you need and care about and remove the ones that aren’t necessary to keep!

At Records Reduction, we ensure your sensitive materials are handled with extreme care and caution, as we follow a strict chain of custody that guarantees your privacy. All documents are collected and promptly placed on our mobile shred trucks for immediate destruction. Feel free to witness as your records are shred before your eyes! Once your documents have successfully shred, all residents receive a Certificate of Destruction which indicates that documents were destroyed in accordance with important privacy legislation, including the date and time the shredding took place. Additionally, you can have peace of mind that all shredded paper will be recycled.

Document Shredding at Your Door

We provide highly flexible and efficient service when it comes to handling your documents. Our mobile shred trucks are equipped with an industrial strength shredder to shred your sensitive information in a matter of minutes. You decide when and where you require service, and we’ll be there promptly to get things started. It is truly the easiest and most secure form of document shredding.

What Documents Should You be Shredding?

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Tax Records
  • Credit and Debit Card Numbers
  • Drivers Licenses
  • Passport Numbers
  • PIN Codes
  • Pay Stubs
  • Passwords
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Utility Bill Statements
  • Loan Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Financial Statements
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Insurance Policy Data
  • Bank Account Information
  • Brokerage Account Information
  • Healthcare Invoices

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