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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Records & File Storage

    Why should we turn our records over to a professional manager?

    Some key reasons: Frees up high cost space, out sourcing allows companies to focus on what they do best, provides off site backup, higher level of security.

    What is your pricing structure, and how is it applied?

    Pricing is based on cubic foot displacement. You only pay for the space you utilize. Service pricing is based on usage and volume.

    How will you know where my records are in your facility?

    Our software provides us the ability to track the location of every item in storage. We can also provide you with an inventory for all your information designating aisle, shelf, and row where your information is located.

    Are your employees bonded?

    Yes, our employees are bonded.

    How much space can we have?

    Records Reduction, Inc. can provide all the storage space that you require and much more.

    Can we use our own boxes for storage?

    Yes, as long as they are “industry standard” sized boxes and are in good condition.

    How do I prepare boxes to go off-site?

    Records Reduction, Inc. will provide you with forms. You will fill out forms indicating what is in each box, and then call Records Reduction, Inc. to arrange a pickup.

    Do we get a computer listing of our records and do you barcode?

    You can request an inventory printout when you send new boxes. In addition, we can provide you with a listing of your complete inventory on a disc or in hard copy form.

    What is the cost and does the size of the storage carton make a difference?

    We will be happy to visit with you, access your needs and give you a proposal that will give you an estimate of the cost of initiating the service and the monthly cost. The size of the storage carton does make a difference.

    Will we lose control of our paper records and media?

    No. If you choose to have Records Reduction maintain control of your records in our records database, we can update you continually on the status of your inventory.

    Document Destruction

    Do you destroy records, and can you provide a listing of what has been destroyed?

    We send destruction notices per request and require our clients to sign off on a Destruction Authorization Form prior to any records being destroyed. Once the records are destroyed Records Reduction, Inc. provides a Certificate

    Why use an outsourced service when I can shred myself?

    You can always do your own shredding, but that is not nearly as secure as if we do it–especially if other employees are involved. It would take you days to shred what we can shred in minutes. So, when you think of the time consumed and the hassle of using inexpensive shredders that handle low volumes and constantly are jamming, you will find that Records Reduction, Inc.’s approach is not only more secure, but also the most cost effective.

    Where is your service area?

    We provide document destruction and shredding in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

    I have office locations outside the southeast United States. Can you provide document destruction services to those locations?

    Yes, through our affiliation with IPSA.

    Do you recycle?

    Yes! All of our shredded documents are recycled.

    Do you shred non-paper items?

    Yes. In fact we can shred:

    • Manuals, books, hardcover binders, file folders and other paper storage systems.
    • Floppy disks, CD ROMS, DVDs, tapes and other computer storage media.
    • Medical pill bottles, staples, paper clips, binder clips and other binding materials.

    Do I have to remove binding, paper clips or staples from my documents?

    No, you do not need to remove binding, paper clips or staples from y0ur documents.

    General Questions

    What makes your company stand out from the other professional service companies?

    We design our service offering to meet our customer’s needs and insure customer satisfaction.

    What kind of security do you have at your facilities?

    Our facilities are alarmed and monitored 24/7 by ICR of Concord, Inc.

    How do I know I will get quality service?

    We will assign your company a customer service person to handle your account. This individual’s primary responsibility is to make sure you get quality service. Our customer service people are accessible and committed.

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