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Document Scanning Services in Raleigh, NC

It’s easy for papers, books, and other documents to pile up around the office. Before you know it, your Raleigh business is out of places to put them! With the technology we currently enjoy, there’s no reason to continue sifting through files of papers, searching for the one piece of information you need. Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack can take forever, even when you know where it’s supposed to be. Similarly, what happens when you need a document to finish a task, but access to the room where it’s kept has been closed off for the day?

Document Scanning Solutions

When you scan your documents, you unlock a host of new benefits for everyone in your office.

  • Locate any files in seconds
  • Save workers time and energy
  • Bolster morale with no more digging through files
  • No more worries over deterioration or fading
  • Easily accessible backup for important files

No long-term contract required

Records Reduction, Inc. is the only document scanning service in Raleigh that doesn’t require the purchase or installation of any additional software to view your files. Instead, we work to save you time and money by making your files available through Adobe Reader (free) or any free Tif viewer. Access them from any operating system with absolutely zero license fees and no hidden costs.

Scanning Services in Raleigh, NC

  • Photo Scanning – Photo scanning in and of itself is not complicated, but it takes time, and the output of an average office scanner might not be as great as you’d like. We’ll scan your photos quickly, for 10-25% cheaper than the leading service providers, onto a DVD or USB drive.
  • Outsourced Scanning – Already know what you’d like to be scanned? Buying your own equipment for scanning can be costly and ineffective, especially if it’s not regularly used. Let us take care of everything, from boxing the files to scanning and indexing them. We’ll even provide you with a backup CD for offsite storage.
  • Legal Scanning – In the legal profession, many documents need to be kept for long periods. We’ll work together with you to ensure that all document scans are highly accurate, so no detail will be lost to time or accidental coffee spills.
  • Medical Records Scanning – Don’t worry about transcribing medical charts by hand; we can securely and confidentially convert medical records onto a digital e-chart for seamless inclusion into your existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. There won’t be any new software here, either. The files we’ll provide you will be fully compatible with imaging and EMR systems.
  • Large Format Scanning – We have the technology necessary to scan oversize documents like architectural blueprints, drawings, and engineering diagrams. As with our other document scanning services, we’ll convert them into any requested file format, and can organize them neatly in an external file such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning – Free yourself from the need to constantly return to a specialized reader for microfilm. Our fee will remain the same, no matter if you require bitonal or grayscale processing, and we include the entire fiche and header capture for QC and indexing.
  • Aperture Card Scanning – Our equipment will scan and index the images and data on Aperture Cards, and our in-house cropping capabilities mean that any pre-existing electronic images can be separated and sorted as required. We’ll present samples for your review, prior to the beginning of the project, and we’ll work directly with you to establish rules for handling and production work.
  • Book & Newspaper Scanning – Books are an invaluable link back to the thoughts and discoveries of the past, but they can also be bulky, heavy, and challenging to store. We have the skill, experience, and equipment to easily and accurately transform your books, magazines, and newspapers into high-quality, bitonal or color scans.
  • Digitize VHS and Tapes – Whether it’s precious memories or important records, the data captured on VHS and tapes can now be easily digitized, minimizing the need to retain outdated equipment and drastically reducing the physical space required for storage.
  • When it comes to ease of access, cost-efficiency, and record permanency in Raleigh, Records Reduction is the go-to name in document scanning, backing up the quality of our output with over ten years in the industry and unparalleled dedication to our customers during every step of the process. You can retain our services for as long as you’d like, and we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees.

Let us work with you to create the perfect digital storage solution for your Raleigh business.

Call our team today at (704) 724-3313 or contact us online.

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Google Rating
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