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Paper Shredding Services: Huntersville, NC

Identity theft is a rapidly escalating crime in the United States, making it crucial to ensure that confidential information remains safeguarded.

So, what is the most efficient and trustworthy way to protect sensitive documents? Engaging a mobile document destruction company for your Huntersville enterprise. Neglecting regular shredding services can leave your business legally vulnerable if it’s found that information wasn’t adequately protected.

Business owners are indeed accountable for preserving confidentiality concerning client and employee data. So where should you discard documents when they’re no longer necessary?

It’s vital to bypass trash and recycling bins since neither offers any security over data; while you might believe nobody will sift through this “trash,” the reality is quite different. Identity thieves seize files whenever possible, particularly if enticing details are up for grabs.

To circumvent this risk, secure lockable bins are needed to keep information safe before its collection for shredding. This is where Records Reduction steps in. We collaborate with you to tailor a document destruction service that serves your business, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – You set the schedule, and we manage everything else.

Safeguard Your Huntersville Business with Document Shredding

Professional document destruction enables clients to meet regulatory demands while shielding customers, employees, and the business from identity theft. It’s strongly recommended that your Huntersville company shred files as soon as legally allowed.

Lockable Security Containers

Records Reduction employs locked containers to safeguard all paper documents until they’re shredded, offering our Huntersville clientele top-tier protection against identity theft. These receptacles are absolutely FREE when opting into a regular document shredding program.

The sleek design of these containers blends seamlessly into any office setting while remaining locked and only accessible by authorized personnel – eliminating concerns about inadvertent leaks or, worse still thefts of sensitive data.

When your scheduled service date arrives, a specialist from our team will visit on-site at your location, carrying out the shredding process by collecting the locked containers and placing them in a secure document destruction system.

Diverse Services for Handling Crucial Business Information

We offer more than just secure shredding services. We also furnish our clients with document storage and scanning solutions, ensuring your vital records are always protected and accessible.

Office space is precious, and areas dedicated to storing paper files are essentially wasted, adversely affecting productive employees. Off-site document storage and scanning eliminate the need to stash your paper documents in prime office space, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business.

Huntersville businesses place significant importance on their documents as they’re indispensable from an operational perspective. Regrettably, unforeseen incidents such as accidents, floods, or even spilled coffee do occur.

Opting for document scanning provides an ideal backup solution if disaster strikes.
There’s no need for concern about your information status when those crucial records have been successfully digitized – a vital component of any disaster recovery plan.

Document Scanning Solutions

Fed up with endless stacks of paper cluttering your office? Transitioning your documents into digital format means immediate benefits from organized record-keeping, continuous access without sifting through paperwork, and enhanced security.

If an unexpected incident like a fire hits your Huntersville business without having scanned documents first – you risk substantial data loss, which is easily preventable!

Increasingly businesses are digitizing documents to cut costs, boost productivity, and improve access to information. Digital documentation has become increasingly prevalent among offices for good reason.

What are the Benefits of Document Scanning?

  • Locate any file within seconds.
  • Increase overall productivity levels among staff.
  • Improve employee morale. Everyone prefers instant electronic retrievals as opposed to searching through filing cabinets or calling the records storage company and waiting days for the file.
  • Ink & pencil fade in less than 10 years. Imaging stops the deterioration of important files.
  • With imaging, you have a fixed cost. With storage, there’s no real ceiling because you are charged per retrieval.
  • Create a backup of critical business files. 80% of businesses do not survive after a fire or flood.
  • No long-term contract is required. Give us a try. If our services fail to meet your needs, you may stop at any time.

Let us work with you to create the perfect digital storage solution for your Huntersville business.

Call our team today at (704) 253-8029 or contact us online.

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