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North Carolina: Hickory

Document Scanning Services in Hickory, NC

In a business or office, it’s common for papers to pile up, leaving you with a cluttered, messy office. Taking the time to sort through piles of paperwork just to find a singular document is time-consuming and frustrating. And, most likely, you don’t need daily access to your onsite documents.

Document scanning services enable you to move your physical documents off-site or shred any unused documents, freeing up space and increasing productivity.

Document Scanning in Hickory

Scanning your documents provides a number of benefits for your Hickory business.

Records Reduction Inc. does not require additional purchases or installation of additional software to view your files. All of your files will be readily accessible through Adobe Reader, a free program, or any free Tif viewer, which saves you time and money. All of your files are easily accessible and readily available whenever you need them, with no hidden services or added costs.

Wondering what are the benefits of document scanning?

Here’s a few:

  • Free up office space
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Easily access and backup files
  • Preserve important documents
  • Create a backup of critical business files with no long term contract required
  • Better data security
  • Improved customer service

Scanning Services in Hickory, NC

We offer a variety of scanning services to meet your needs:

  • Photo Scanning: Photo scanning is uncomplicated, but it is time-consuming. We scan photos quickly on to a DVD or USB drive for your convenience. We are also 10-25% cheaper than other leading service providers!
  • Outsourced Scanning: Purchasing your own scanning equipment can be expensive, especially if it’s not used regularly. We can take care of everything, from boxing files to scanning and indexing them. We’ll provide a backup CD for offsite storage.
  • Legal Scanning: Many legal documents must be kept for an extended amount of time. We’ll ensure that all your documents are scanned to preserve all the details.
  • Medical Records: Are you transcribing medical records by hand? We can securely convert medical records on to a digital e-chart for seamless inclusion into your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Don’t worry about purchasing new software, as all files will be completely compatible with imaging and EMR systems.
  • Large Format Scanning: Have oversized documents? No problem! We have all the right technology to scan oversized documents like architectural blueprints, drawings, and engineering diagrams. Then, we’ll convert them into the requested format and organize them into the file of your choosing, such as Excel.
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning: There’s no need to constantly return to a specialized reader for microfilm because our fee will remain the same, regardless if you require bi-tonal or gray-scale processing. We include the entire fiche and header capture for QC and indexing.
  • Aperture Card Scanning: Our equipment will scan and index the images and data on Aperture Cards. Any pre-existing electronic images can be separated and sorted by our in-house cropping capabilities. Before beginning a project, we’ll provide samples for your review. After approval, we’ll work directly with you to establish rules for handling and production work.
  • Book and Newspaper Scanning: We can easily transform your books, newspapers, and magazines into high quality, bi-tonal or color scans.
  • Digitize VHS and Tapes: Worried about losing precious memories or important data? We can easily digitize VHS and tapes, reducing the need to store dated equipment and preserve memories and important footage.
    At Records Reduction, Inc, we have over ten years of industry experience, providing incomparable, dedicated customer service to businesses in the Hickory area. You can utilize our services for as long as you need, without the unexpected cost of hidden fees.

Let us work with you to create the perfect digital storage solution for your Hickory business.

Call our team today at (704) 724-3313 or contact us online.

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