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Document Shredding Services

It’s no surprise that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and as a result, ensuring confidential information remains protected is simply essential. What is the best and most reliable method for protecting sensitive documents? Hiring a mobile document shredding company for your Charlotte business. Failing to implement regular shredding services can leave your company legally liable if it is discovered information wasn’t protected accordingly.

Business owners in fact are responsible for maintaining confidentiality when it comes to client and employee information. So where can you dispose of documents when they are no longer needed? It’s critical to avoid your garbage and recycling bins as neither provide any security over information; while you may think that no one will sort through this “trash” the opposite is quite true. Identity thieves will obtain files whenever they have a chance to do so, especially if there are juicy details available to them. To prevent this possibility from occurring, you need secure, lockable bins to keep information safe before it is collected for shredding. This is where Records Reduction comes into play. We work with you to customize a document shredding service that benefits your business; be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you decide on a schedule and we’ll handle the rest.

Protect Your Charlotte Business with Document Shredding

Professional document shredding allows clients to meet regulatory requirements while protecting customers, employees and the business from identity theft. It is highly suggested that your Charlotte business shred files as soon as it’s legally permissible.

Lockable Secure Containers

Records Reduction uses locked bins to secure all paper documents until they are shredded, providing our Charlotte clients with the highest level of protection against identity theft. These containers are absolutely FREE when you choose to take advantage of a regular document shredding program. The containers are sleek in design and fit seamlessly into any office environment. These containers remain locked and only accessible by authorized personnel, which removes the worry of sensitive information being leaked mistakenly, or worse stolen. Once your scheduled service date arrives, a specialist from the Records Reduction team will arrive on-site at your location to complete the shredding process. Upon arrival, the locked containers will be picked up and placed in a secure document shredding system.

Multiple Services for Managing Important Business Information

Not only do we offer secure shredding services, but we also provide our clients with document storage and document scanning solutions, ensuring your critical records always remain protected and available to you.

Office space is at a premium and areas dedicated to the storage of paper files are areas that are wasted, negatively impacting productive employees. Off-site document storage and document scanning eliminates the need to store your paper documents in prime office space and allows you to focus on your core business.

Businesses in Charlotte place significant value on their documents because they’d be lost without them from an operations standpoint. Unfortunately, no one can predict the unknown and accidents, floods, or even spilled cups of coffee do happen. When you choose document scanning your business is supplied with the perfect back-up solution if a disaster does take place. No need to worry about the status of your information when you’ve successfully scanned those critical records. The preservation of your business information should be one of the cornerstones of your disaster recovery program.

Document Scanning Solutions

Tired of endless piles of paper surrounding your office? Transferring your documents to electronic format means you’ll benefit immediately from organized record keeping, continuous access to documents without having to dig through paperwork and improved security. Should your Charlotte business experience an unforeseen accident or disaster such as a fire, failing to have had your documents scanned means your information is at substantial risk. Why put your business in that situation to begin with when it is easily preventable!

More businesses are scanning documents to save on costs, increase productivity and improve access to their information. Digital documents have become exceedingly common among offices and with good reason. Our scanning solutions are done so conveniently, and best of all you aren’t required to install special software that will cost you money, to view your files. Our document scanning services allow you to use the Free Adobe Reader for viewing purposes. Easy and Convenient!

What are the Benefits of Document Scanning?

  • Locate any file within seconds.
  • Increase overall productivity levels among staff.
  • Improve employee morale. Everyone prefers instant electronic retrievals as opposed to searching through filing cabinets or calling the records storage company and waiting days for the file.
  • Ink & pencil fade in less than 10 years. Imaging stops the deterioration of important files.
  • With imaging, you have a fixed cost. With storage, there’s no real ceiling because you are charged per retrieval.
  • Create a backup of critical business files. 80% of business do not survive after a fire or flood.
  • No long term contract required. Give us a try. If our services fail to meet your needs, you may stop at any time.

Ready to outsource your document management needs to the professionals? We’d love to work with you assisting with the implementation of document management processes that work. From shredding to storage and scanning, we will cover all your information protection needs. Contact our team in Charlotte today to discuss with us your unique requirements.

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