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    Document Shredding Services

    Because identity theft is one of the fastest rising crimes in America, document shredding is essential. Businesses can be found liable if they do not protect sensitive customer information. Records Reduction uses locked
    bins to secure all paper documents until they are shredded, providing our clients maximum protection against identity theft.

    How Long is Long Enough?

    Companies file away storage boxes year after year. Often, they are kept long after
    the legal requirement has been met. Shredding has become a necessary business service that enables companies to meet regulatory requirements while protecting customers, employees and the business from identity theft. It is recommended that businesses shred files as soon as it’s legally permissible.

    Document Shredding is Good for the Environment

    All shredded documents are recycled to help protect the environment. Many companies now use the bins for ALL of their discarded paper – sensitive or not – simply because they know it will be recycled.

    Records Storage Security Records Reduction Inc. provides FREE locked, secure containers for the storage of your confidential material while awaiting destruction. The containers are attractive and fit in well with all office environments. The containers will segregate and secure sensitive materials in between our service visits. They are locked and can only be opened by authorized personnel, eliminating the chance of sensitive documents being made public or falling into the wrong hands. The locked containers will be picked up and placed in a secure document shredding system.

    In addition to paper document shredding services, Records Reduction provides secure destruction services for X-Rays, Computer Hard Drives, CDs, and Magnetic Media Tapes.

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