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    Fireproof Filing Cabinets

    If you’re considering fireproof filing cabinets due to the more stringent HIPAA, OSHA & Sarbanes-Oxley regulations

    Scanning/Imaging is Cheaper & Better Than Fireproof Filing Cabinets

    The following is a true story:

    I was presenting a scanning quotation to a prospective customer. The gentleman made an unusual expression when I presented our pricing. I immediately asked if there was a problem or concern? He replied that he was so happy he had called me. Due to the tighter HIPAA regulations, his medical facility had decided to invest in fireproof filing cabinets. He was planning to buy 12 cabinets that week for $1,200/cabinet for a total of $14,400. He realized from the quotation that we could scan in an entire cabinet for under $1,000. Records Reduction always provides a backup CD for no additional fee. This would give him the security he was looking for AND he’d be able to use the office space that was being wasted on filing cabinets for other office needs. The gentleman also realized that fireproof cabinets don’t really provide much protection against disaster. None of them are waterproof. In case of a fire, what happens when the firemen use water to put out the fire? The documents would most likely be ruined anyway!

    So, our customer is now getting the security he was looking for, for less money, with these additional benefits:

    • Gain office space previously taken up by filing cabinets
    • Can retrieve an file within 5 seconds
    • Gets electronic filing without having to buy any software
    • Never have another lost file
    • Never have to re-file a pulled document
    • Can fax or email without having to make a paper copy
    • More than one person can view or work with a file at the same time
    • Lowers total office expenses due to the increased productivity of electronic filing
    • Can easily control confidentiality of files and adhere to HIPAA regulations

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