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    Document Scanning

    Records Reduction, Inc. is the only Document Scanning Service/Document Imaging Service in the area that does not require installation of additional software to view your files. We allow you to use the Free Adobe Reader or any of the Free Tif Viewers. Many document imaging services offer low cost or no cost software initially but charge a license fee for network installation.

    Because Records Reduction doesn’t require additional software there will never be any hidden costs or license fees.

    Software based services always require maintenance and often have conflicts with other installed software, requiring an IT specialist to resolve the issue. By using document imaging open standard formats like .pdf and .tif, your documents can be used using viewers that are freely available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and even smart phones. We can assure our clients that they will always be able to view their images with no software issues. Document Scanning Prices

    Benefits of Document Scanning and Imaging

    • Find any file within seconds.
    • Eliminate lost files.
    • Increase worker productivity.
    • Increase employee morale. Everyone prefers instant electronic retrievals versus searching through filing cabinets, or calling the records storage company and waiting days for the file.
    • Ink & pencil fade in less than 10 years. Imaging stops the deterioration of important files.
    • With imaging, you have a fixed cost. With storage, there’s no real ceiling because you are charged per retrieval.
    • Create a backup of critical business files. 80% of business do not survive after a fire or flood.
    • No long term contract required. Give us a try. If our services fail to meet your needs, you may stop at any time.

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