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Why Outsourced Scanning?

  Benefits of Outsourcing Scanning:

  • You do not have to spend time prepping and scanning documents
  • Provide a backup CD for offsite storage
  • Proven quality process already in place
  • Experts in digital storage and retrieval
  • We have many real world examples proving we can scan cheaper than typical in house solutions. It’s basic Business 101. We buy the best software and scanners on the market. This gives us extreme efficiencies and speed – which means lower costs for you!
  • We require no commitment. If you don’t like our services, quit using us. You lose nothing for trying!

  Benefits of Document Imaging/Scanning:

  • Recover valuable office space
  • Find any file within seconds
  • Eliminate lost files
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Imaging is the LEAST expensive option when you run out of room for paper
  • Ink & pencil fade in less than 10 years. Imaging stops the deterioration of important files.

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