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    Photos Scanning

    Scan your Photos and save to a DVD or a USB Drive

    Professional Photo Scanning Services

    Obviously, anyone can buy an inexpensive color scanner and scan their photos. But if you place any value on your time, Records Reduction can do it much cheaper and provide higher quality images. We take advantage of modern, high speed digital photo scanning equipment to offer a fast and inexpensive photo scanning solution.
    • Our prices are 10-25% cheaper than leading internet service providers
    • All work is done locally
    • Photo enhancements are included in the price
    • It’s the perfect gift for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Anniversaries, etc.
    • Easily share old photos with family and friends
    • Upload photos from your youth to FaceBook and other social media
    • Create peace of mind knowing you can easily protect your memories against fire or flood
    • Great for digital photo albums, scrap booking, emailing, digital picture frames, calendars, computer screen savers and uploading to websites
    • Consolidate your traditional pictures with digital pictures for easier management
    • Photos begin deteriorating immediately. Capture now to stop the fading process.
    • We use the Kodak Professional Scanning Solution

    Records Reduction Photo / Slide Scanning Pricing

    How to Prepare Your Photos

    • Photos must be loose. They cannot be in photo albums or picture frames. Make sure there are no pieces of tape, staples, sticky notes, etc. on photos.
    • Photos up to 8 X 10 inches can be scanned.
    • It helps, but is not required, if you orient all photos in the same direction.
    • No Cost Labeling – Many people like to identify groups of photos with labels like “Summer 1996” or “Barbara’s Wedding”. The easiest way is to write the subject name on the back of an index card and put this card in front of the appropriate photos. We scan the photos in order so you will know that all photos following the “Summer 1996” belong to that group. Note: We do not charge for the index card scans.
    • $2/Folder Option – Records Reduction can create separate folders with your labels that contain those photos. This slows us down substantially. There’s a $2 per folder charge if you would like for us to create the folders for you.
    • Please secure your photos in zip lock bags, envelopes, rubber bands, etc.
    • If you will be mailing photos to us – Please use a box, not an envelope. Make sure the box is filled, even if you have to pad it with newspaper or packaging material. DO NOT USE POPCORN for packing your photos. It breaks apart during shipping and statically sticks to the photos.
    • Please note that some photos cannot be scanned with our Kodak automatic scanning system. Examples include old photos that were printed on thick, cardboard-like paper, fragile pictures, newspaper articles, etc. We charge 30 cent/photo to scan these photos on our flatbed scanner. We can tell you when you deliver the photos whether or not they will require flatbed scanning.

    Records Reduction Photo / Slide Scanning Pricing

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