Photo Scanning Pricing

Loose Photos – Cents Per Photo Pricing


Up to 500 501 – 1000 1001 – 2000 2000 +
300 dpi 28 24 22 21
600 dpi 35 31 39 28




  • 300 or 600 dpi – What do you plan to plan to do with the photos after they have been scanned? If you intend to print them at 1:1, then scanning at 300dpi is fine. If you intend to print them larger than the original size , we recommend 600dpi. 300 dpi scans typically look good on large computer monitors. Most people choose 300 dpi and are very happy with the results.
  • To estimate volume: Stack and measure your photos. There will be approximately 110 photos/inch. One shoe box typically holds 900 – 1200 photos.
  • We can provide flat bed scanning for thick or delicate photos. The price will be 50 cent/photos for these photos.
  • Files will be saved in .jpg format with sequential numbering. Ex) 10001.jpg, 10002.jpg
  • Files saved to DVD or USB drive
  • We can provide pickup if you like. Typical costs for Charlotte, NC area are $25 – $45. Quote for pickup will be provided upon request.
  • When finished, we can UPS photos and discs to you. It typically costs $15-25 based on volume & location.
  • Cash, check, MasterCard or Visa payment required upon completion.
  • Photos up to 11 X 17 inches can be scanned.