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    Legal Scanning

    Records Reduction specializes in scanning and indexing Legal Files. We offer the perfect long term storage solution for your Legal Documents. Our experienced staff and professional grade equipment will insure your scanning project is a success.

    Focus on Quality

    Our focus on quality starts with the planning of your project. We will work with your staff to determine your special requirements. All of our processes are designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy throughout the project. Our scanners are equipped with advanced double-feed detection systems to further ensure quality.

    Experience Counts

    We have been in the scanning business for over 10 years and have scanned over a 100 million pages in that time. We are ready to bring this experience to your project.

    Save Money

    Converting Paper Charts to an Electronic Format will save you money Records Reduction Inc. has taken over the scanning for many companies who began doing it themselves. They appreciated the efficiencies of having scanned images, but underestimated the time it takes to prepare, scan, and index files, as well as the initial cost of the hardware and software. We help them do the simple math to determine the actual cost of in-house scanning. It almost always costs more than 20¢/page! By using the best/fastest scanners and software in the industry, and by spreading the costs between our hundreds of customers, we can significantly reduce the cost per page. It’s simply Business 101!

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