Benefits Of Electronic Filing Systems | Records Reduction

Electronic Filing Systems

Save Space and Money

  Records storage can eat up needed space. With the lease cost of office space, record storage may not be the best use of your space. Thinking you need a bigger office? You may not need to move — just open up more space in your existing office. Developing an electronic filing system can also save on the office expenses such as file cabinets, drawers etc.   Electronic Filing Systems versus Paper Based Record Storage Systems The average filing cabinet takes up approximately 6 square feet. Look at the number of filing cabinets you have and see if that’s the way you want to utilize your cost per square foot lease space. Add in the cost of filing cabinets at an average price of $220 and that “free” records storage system doesn’t look so free anymore.   Some Benefits of Electronic Filing Systems are:

  Let Records Reduction convert your paper record storage to an easy to use electronic filing system.

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